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1 May 2017 3:30 PM

LARGE-SCALE SOLAR INDUSTRY FORUM 2017The Large-scale Solar Industry Forum developed by the Clean Energy Council will be held in Brisbane on 11 May...

24 Mar 2017 12:27 PM

AUSTRALIAN CLEAN ENERGY SUMMIT 2017 The Australian Clean Energy Summit is the premier and the most prestigious event helping to lead Australia'...

17 Mar 2017 12:08 PM

WIND INDUSTRY FORUM 2017 The Clean Energy Council's annual Wind Industry Forum is Australia's premier technical event for the wind industry, a...

Hornsdale Wind Farm - South Australia
5 Jun 2016 3:48 PM

Client: CPP (Consolidated Power Projects)Project Type: Wind Farm Marais provided the installation of 53km of fiber optic, electric and earth c...

Bauma 2016
17 Apr 2016 3:29 PM

We are delighted to announce that we will be attending Bauma 2016, which will take place in Munich between 11th and 17th April 2016.  Followi...

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Marais Laying Technologies Australia and New Zealand is part of leading French engineering company, MARAIS GROUP a company at the peak of innovation. For more than 50 years, Marais Group has sought to innovate and provide intelligent, rapid and clean solutions for mechanised installation of networks. Today, we provide industry leadership across all markets in which we operate.

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Our History

Company founded by French businessman, Jacques Marais who filed a patent for a trenching wheel designed to install agricultural drains - the starting point of the Marais Wheel.

Adapted trenchers and technology to create a mechanised installation process to meet new requirements when the administration of Postes et Télécommunications decided to place 40,000km of its network underground. 

40 trenchers are built and leased to civil engineering companies to place telecommunications cables, electricity, gas and water networks underground. 

Change of ownership as Marais is sold to Daniel Rivard and by 1995 the company expands into new markets abroad, including Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Colombia, Mexico, United States and Canada, which quickly grew to represent 30% of its turnover. 

Marais at the centre of the telecommunications revolution and establishes itself as the indisputable market leader in mechanised installation processes. 

New innovative installation processes developed to enable the deployment of networks even more quickly, economically and cleanly. New patented machines launched over this period, including:

  • CLEANFAST – on a vacuum truck
  • METEOR – for the deployment of optic along motorways
  • URBAGAZ – for the deployment of gas networks in towns
  • SM400 CHAIN TRENCHER – for installing large dimension trenches
  • SIDECUT – for the development of ‘FFTH’ optical fiber networks under footpaths 

Creation of Marais Lucas Technologies in Australia

Marais Laying Technologies is established to bring innovative cable laying solutions to key industry sectors in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace.

Our Values

Marais Group believes that becoming a market leader takes more than technical expertise and know-how. It is the values shared within Marais that set the foundation for our success and long-term growth.

  • INNOVATION is at the heart of our company culture. Day after day we observe changes in our environment, we anticipate future needs, and we invent new techniques and processes to serve this development.
  • PROFESSIONALISM is our state of mind. It is known and recognised by our clients in a marketplace that has had confidence in our capabilities for over 50 years.
  • SERVICE EXCELLENCE is a key priority of Marais Group. We are committed to achieving excellence and strive to deliver the highest standards of service for our clients with passion and conviction at all times. 
  • TEAM SPIRIT and our people are the driving force behind Marais. We listen, we converse and we encourage a diversity of talents and cultures within the group to achieve a dynamic team who effectively meet the needs of our clients.
To learn more about the Marais Group and find out how we can help you achieve the right solution for your project, why not send us an email today

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